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Description of aromatherapy

The word aroma comes from the greek word for smell and therapy from the greek word treatment. Aromatherapy is a natural treatment based on plant extracts and part of the wider family of Phototherapy. It can be used in prevention or as a cure for physical and pschyosomatic illnesses. The main advantage of aromatherapy is it’s almost immediate and powerful effect. The essential oil is extracted from the aromatic part of the plant or tree by percolation distillation or hydro distillation. It is a very pure extraction which does not contain any oil but has a very powerful smell. Depending on it’s geographic origin, it’s development stage, it’s growing environment and mode, the same part of a plant can produce different kinds of essential oil which will be used for different therapy’s.

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In aromatherapy we use essential oils but also Aromatic hydrolates AH or vegetal oils . A HV is a aromatised water. It is what is left of the distilled water that is separated from the the essential oils after the plant extracts have passed trough the alembic. This aromatic fluid is very innocent and there are no counter indications. Therefore their effect is less powerful than that of the aromatic essential oil.

A vegetal oil is an oil which has been extracted from a oleaginous plant. That is to say a plant whose nuts or fruit are made of 95% to 98% (acid gras). In aromatherapy we use them to dilute the essential oils but also for their own virtues. ( nourishing, anti age, regulating, repairing)

Benefits of aromatherapy:

It is advised to use only the purest biological form of essential oils. They should also have a botanic certification which tells you the origin of the extracted flower and/or which part of the plant was used. This is called its chemotype. This is a plants identity card. It enables you to track down it’s exact origin. The european community has adopted this identification in order to regulate de use of essential oils. Hereby you can know all there is to know about the positive effects of an essential oils, it’s counter indications and which ones don’t ‘mingle’. Let me remind you that when used unadvised or unwisely, essential oils can be dangerous.



Analgesic and anti inflammatory, there is more than (doliprane) to relieve pain…

Antiseptic essential oils can be complimentary to traditional medicine to fight bacteria and viruses

Respiratory seasonal or allergie enhanced blocked airways

Digestif system Forget your digestif problems (bloating,nausea)

Relaxing Stress, Tiredness, Burn out. Day to day life is sometimes hard. Essential oils are our ally’s.

Invigorating These oils have an impact on the nervous system, they loosen the body.

Aphrodisiacs Yes even your libido can be revived by essential oils

Bruno et les huiles essentielles
“There is an essential oil out there waiting for you!”

Counter indications

Aromatherapy is a natural and soft medicine but not without danger if used unwisely

Essential oils have a complex molecular consistence and can gave a very strong effect. Therefore they have to be used with care.

They are not to be used for example by subjects suffering from epilepsy, children under de seven, pregnant or breastfeeding women.



Always do an allergy test, you never know

  • You must never add essential oils directly to water because they will float on the surface. So never add them directly to your bath water, in a glass of water and never in your the or herbal drink. The only exception is there where inhalations are concerned. A few drops in boiling water can unclog your nose.Never use pure essential oils in your nose, your ears, your eyes, mucous areas, genital or anal areas.
  • Don’t use to much, respect the amounts prescribed.
  • Handle the oils with precaution and wash your hands afterwards

  • In case you get some in your eyes do not wash with water but with a vegetable oil
  • Keep the essential oils out of reach of children
“Always ask for advise from your aromatherapist”


All essential oils and vegetable oils should be kept in tainted and opaque glass bottles away from the sun light and in a cool area.