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What is reflexology

Reflexology stimulates our body’s self healing abilities, hereby recovering homeostasis. In other words, this treatment assists your organism to maintain or recover a psychological and biological balance. Reflexology does not replace medical treatment and does not replace traditional medicine. It can, though, be complementary.

Psychological disorders

Modern society and the times in which we live in are stressful. Professional constraints accumulate along with private and sociological concerns. Your reflexologist can relieve you of these heavy burdens which weigh down your day to day life and make a good night’s sleep difficult.



The origins of migraines are multiple: stress, digestive system, joints (servical vertebrae)….Your reflexologist will determine the cause of your ailment before treating it. This means that the treatment is a core treatment and not simply a symptom treatment.

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Back pain

This is a common suffering in this day and age. Back pains (lumbago) problems can happen to anyone at anytime, and at any age!

Side by side with traditional medicine reflexology is an absolute asset to relieve this kind of pain. By restoring certain physiological and psychological settings, your reflexologist provide relief.

But reflexology is also...

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Blood circulation

A healthy blood circulation irrigates your vital organs thus enhancing a healthy balance. By using specific massage techniques your reflexologist stimulates this fluid circulation by working on the lymphatic system.

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Pregnancy destabilises a woman’s body that can lead to multiple reactions: stress, hormonal imbalance, digestive problems… Reflexology can relieve these ‘undesirable’ side effects. But, be aware!
There should be no reflexology in the first three months of pregnancy!!!

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Serious pathologies

Reflexology can be a major relieve for patients who suffer from serious pathologies. They will feel soothed and comforted. Your reflexologist will recommend ‘made to measure’ treatments.


As a reflexologist and aromatherapist I commit on my honour to engage in my activities in the following manner:

- with honour, dignity, honesty, respect and profound integrity.
- to be collegial and assisting towards my collegues.
- to respect the medical privacy of all my patients
- I will not perform any medical diagnosis of any kind. I will not intervene in any therapeutic decision and will not recommend any medicine.
- I will do everything within my means to calm and relieve my patients’ suffering. -I will leave the patient free in their choice of his or her therapeutic treatment -I will not refuse patients based on nationality, politics, race or religion -I will accept to treat minors or incapacitated adults if their parents or legal representatives are aware, have given their permission and/or are present during the therapy.
- A ne refuser ses services à personne pour des motifs de nationalité, politique, religion.
- A admettre en consultation et à dispenser ses soins à toute personne qui aurait recours à ses services, y compris aux mineurs et aux incapables majeurs mais dans la mesure seulement où les parents ou le tuteur légal en seraient informés, auraient autorisé les soins et/ou seraient présents le jour de la consultation.
- I will advise any person showing abnormal symptoms to consult an appropriate medical specialist
- I will keep up-to-date professionally and meet the criteria inherent to my profession.
- I will receive reasonable payment in accordance with the ethic codes inherent to my profession
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