Reflexology and pregnancy

“Expecting a child is a marvellous moment is a woman’s life. But there is also the possibility of unease and even pain which can make the experience trying.

Reflexology is great starting the 4th month. It can relieve you of many functional disorders; gastric (constipation), back aches, heavy legs, breast pain, over sensitiveness, fear and other side effects.

Furthermore, Reflexology has been a real asset at childbirth; inducing labor and assisting in natural childbirth. It stimulates the labor inducing hormones and can relax the pelvis. It also stimulates the baby to taking in the correct position in utero.

After childbirth Reflexology can assist you with the baby blues, anguish attacks and depression. In this period of her life when a young mother can feel lost or isolated, reflexology can help her deal with her emotions.

Do please note that footsole reflexology is a soft, relaxing method completely safe for mother and child. For a few years certain maternity hospitals have even introduced reflexology, as have certain midwives.”