Assisting serious pathologies

Reflexology can accompany patients suffering from cancer, cognitive disorders, chronic degenerative neurological diseases such as Parkinsons, Alzheimer, multiple sclerosis..

To start off with, Reflexology can ease the post diagnosis announcement stress.

In the case of cancer treatment

Reflexology can ease the side effects of chemotherapy and can positively stimulate the sick organ. I would advise one 30 to 50-minute session every three weeks. Ideally a session the day before the chemotherapy can reduce side effects.


In the case of Alzheimer

Reflexology can lessen stress and create peacefulness. Reflexology can work on the patient’s confused state of mind. It can also take care of irritability, mood swings and other related emotions. 

The positive effects will be notable after the first treatment. In the long run, I advise one session every ten days for the first three months. After that I can adapt the treatment to the patient’s personal needs.


In the case of Parkinson’s

 Reflexology can relax muscle tension with all that that complies. The patient’s body will feel less stiff (lower back, legs, neck, arms). His or her face will be relaxed. Breathing will be made easier by relaxing the throat. I would suggest one treatment a week every two weeks for two months. After, I can adapt the treatment to the patient’s personal needs.


In the case of multiple sclerosis

Reflexology will assist the central nervous system, the brain, optic nerves and the spinal cord. Reflexology will reduce the symptoms and reduce pain by 50%.

For this illness there is no initial protocol. I will adjust it to the patient’s personal needs depending on the phase the illness is in (eruption period or not).


I do insist that reflexology is complimentary to traditional medicine and does not aim to replace it.