Reflexology for children and teenagers

At age six reflexology is very effective. It has a positive effect on concentration, memory, sleep, and hyper-activity. All these things which weigh on a child at home and at school.

A twenty-minute session every two weeks will offer a relaxed and concentrated atmosphere, furthermore it will relieve minor pains and other predicaments.

What about puberty and all the hormonal and physical changes that this encompasses? Physical: back pain, eye tension, tummy cramps, getting up in the morning problems, first menstruation problems. Mentally: spleen, stress, irritability, family relations, academic pressure (tests, results, student interaction, life choices) Reflexology can take the pressure off and release your child. 40 minutes every two weeks will give him/her self confidence and good moods.

Reflexology can also help canalise food compulsions which appear between ages 6 and 16.