A reflexology session with Bruno

A successful session asks for a healthy and relaxing environment in which you, as my client, can relax and revitalise.

This is very important for me as it gives you the opportunity to let go…at last. The first time we meet it is important for me to establish a rapport with you. Trust is a key word. I would like to know why you have come to see me, what your expectations are and to give an accurate answer to all possible questions.

Then I will ask you to fill out a form so that I can get a precise idea about your general state of health and your lifestyle. All of this in order to create a made to measure treatment. All reflexology treatments are one of a kind. After this first approach I will then invite you to the massage table. I will study your feet, with my eyes and with my hands (hardness, toe alignment, striae on the foot soles…).

Once I have established contact I then start off by relaxing the foot/feet. After this is done I can start localised pressure on the different areas. I adapt my pressure to your reaction and to the area I am working on.

The session ends with feed back over a cup of tea. “